Brands are an ing entity; living, breathing, evolving... in a constant movement, permanently changing with the world around them, as the speed as the culture.

We live in an era where everyone’s seen it all. To stay relevant, brands need to adapt to the environment with a full-emotive coherence not an empty-frigid consistency.


They should be adaptable, malleable, timeless. Through creating and re-creating relevant experiences & meaningful memories for a selected group of customers.

They need to be live, bold, relevant, different and coherent.

At a glance

For the past 15 years I've worked at top Brand Agencies as; Sol Consultores (Cd.Mx), Interbrand (Madrid), Branward (Barcelona) & Lambie-Nairn (Mexico & Central America).


I have been at the “dark side” too. I'd work at Ayuntamiento de Barcelona as designer. At Truper Tools as Creative & Design Director. Lately I've been part of the amazing BBVA Design & UX team as Associate Visual Director.


Nowadays I'm a brand consultant of incredible agencies and clients as well.

Branding services

I deliver creative thinking & world-class design across a wide range of disciplines (the full scope) from leading organisations to branding start-ups (and agencies as well; far and wide, big and small). Including:

  • Brand strategy, from insights to Brand Platform

  • Brand identity systems (from logo to full visual territory)

  • Verbal branding, narrative, brand voice and naming

  • Brand collateral and content creation

  • Brand experience (from merchindising to Brand events)

  • Brand care, Brand guardianship, Brand guidelines & implementation


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