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Strategic Brand Designer


Actionable Insights + a Well-grounded Business Strategy + an Assertive Creative Direction build brands that change the world.

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Brand Strategy, Naming, Brand & Product Design, Implementation

2020 SOON

Good. Brand Innovation Agency
My initiative to help the good guys to stand out!
Brand Strategy. Naming. Brand Design.

2022 SOON

Branding is Everything. Everywhere.


Over the past 20 years, I have worked at top branding agencies such as Sol Consultores (Cd. Mx), Interbrand (Madrid), Branward (Barcelona), and Lambie-Nairn (Mexico and Central America).


I have also been on the dark side: working as a designer at the Barcelona City Council, as Creative and Design Director at Truper Tools, and as Associate Visual (UI) Director on the Design and UX team at BBVA. Recently, I helped Irys, a SaaS platform from San Antonio Tx, become relevant in its environment through real design.


Currently, I am the Director of Strategy and Creativity at Foic-Lecanda, where I not only lead projects to successful completion, but also restructure the operating model, implement processes and methodologies, and help ensure that (good) design is at the core of the business. In my free time, I also act as a brand consultant for incredible agencies and clients.

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