I deliver creative thinking & world-class design across a wide range of disciplines (the full scope) from leading organzations to branding start-ups (and agencies as well; far and wide, big and small).


I've done projects that involve every aspect of a branding process; from building a Brand Platform to their implementation in a digital world. From creating a visual and graphic universe, to managing a Brand Guardianship. And in almost every kind of market; from Brand Guardianship of one of the biggest Telco in the world to digitalizing the biggest Finantial group in the world. From packaging of a delicious mezcal to rethinking the way a Co-working space communicates.


Always adding value to my clients.

Branding services

  • Brand strategy, from insights to Brand Platform

  • Brand identity systems (from logo to full visual territory)

  • Verbal branding, narrative, brand voice and naming

  • Brand collateral and content creation

  • Brand experience (from merchandising to Brand events)

  • Brand Guardianship, Brand Books, Brand Guidelines & Brand Implementation


An excellent (and strategic) design must create a better future because it should communicate, solve, connect, seduce and transform the environment with big impact and not just decorates it.


I care of start with new-bold ideas, within creative/intelligent concepts (telling stories), then go about making them beautifully/stronger (creating experiences).

For the past 15 years I've worked at top Brand Agencies as; Sol Consultores (Cd.Mx), Interbrand (Madrid), Branward (Barcelona) & Lambie-Nairn (Mexico & Central America).  I have been at the “dark side” too. I’d work at Ayuntamiento de Barcelona as Brand Designer. Truper Tools as a Creative & Design Director and at BBVA as an Associate Creative Director of the amazing Design & UX team.

Nowadays I'm a brand consultant of incredible agencies and organizations as well.

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Brands & projects expertise


Direct clients; Noordwijk International College, Agave Capital, Casa Santa, Mezcal Bruxo, Glider Software Solutions, LuckyLy, BUO Estudio de Arquitectura y Paisajismo Urbano, Mariano Ito Orthodontist, HR Ratings, Holfer, Directo al Boss, Localito Nº19, Grupo INDAI, República del Bagel, GDP.

External consultant of; Sol consultores. MBLM. vBat. 1936. Brands and People. -1:0:1. Thrust. Encerta estrategia. Branward, Firma Barcelona, Marqas Mexico & Colombia. Projects; Yucatán (Place branding), Timex, Mexichem, Azerta Banco Azteca, BX+, Archipiélago, Digitel, Gaff, FIM, INHA, Grupo Modelo, Ajmán (Place branding), Banco Regional, Madrid (Place branding), Comercial Masoliver, Branward (redesign the Brand Assets of a Brand consultants) Ocean Spray.

Projects and Brands; @BBVA @Truper; Truper, Volteck, Foset, Fiero, Hermex, Klintek, Pretul. @Lambie-Nairn; Brand guardianship and brand consultant for Telefonica & Movistar brands throughout Central America and Mexico. Avon LatAm. STC Saudi Telecomm, Veraluna Oxfam, 11Paths, Canalejas Madrid, Heineken. @Branward; MotoGP, Cervecería Damm, Donuts Panrico, Zeyron Technologies, Atvire Investing Group, Affiance, FCBarcelona, Euroleague (Final Four) FIBA, Publidep, Branward, Cluster PR, AE Brand, Sanofi, D/A Retail, Heineken, Enric Bosser Vidal (Bossvi) José Andrés. @Interbrand; Castilla y León (Place branding), Día supermarket, Coca Cola Iberia, Danone, El Almendro, Minute Maid, El Reino (Destination Branding), Grupo Calvo (rebranding 2010), SAGE, CGM fashion school, Herdade da Comporta (Portugal), Qualion (Portugal), ISEM Universidad de Navarra, IE business school, Insanity Wave, Bagration, Splendor, Invest in Spain (Government of Spain), Repsol, Domestika, Neuropharma, Reina Sofia Museum of Art, Pasión Jamón, Grupo Banco Popular. @Agencia Salud Pública de Barcelona; SiSalut. @Sol; IDS consultores, Gamers, Shell, GICSA, Kraft, Unilever (Knorr), GlaxoSmithKline, Revlon, Herdez, Grupo Allen, MaltaCleyton, La Madrileña, Chupa Chups, Colgate Palmolive, Rinbros, Grupo Modelo, Jello, Bafar, Jumex, Masterfoods.


Brands are a living entity, breathing, evolving... in a constant movement, changing with the world around them.


We live in an era where everyone’s seen it all and the only way go forward is to challenge everything.


To stay relevant, brands need to adapt to the environment, not only embracing it but guiding and leading the change. They need to be creative, bold and coherent.


So. Be Bold-ing or die.



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